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About Company

DASDM is your online one stop hub for Digital marketing and all types of web Solution. Our journey started as a SEO Consultants for US and India based startups in the year 2007; and the past six years have led us to evolve into core Digital marketing and Web Solutions. We are offering an array of services like

Digital Marketing Pay Per Click Campaign Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management
Web Designing Graphic Designing Web Development CMS – Site Design
Online Reputation Management Content Writing Web Analytics SEO Training
Local SEO Services      

Our Team

We have a team of 10 full time dedicated SEO Consultants, Designers and over 50 content writers who contribute to our processes. We have built our team slowly, and with great care. It would be safe to say like-minded people gravitated to us over the years, for they like what we do, and the way we do it.

Our key people are powerhouses of knowledge and energy, loving and laboring at work for the pure joy of it. Their passion, intuitive sense of what works, and the strong conviction with which they act is what keeps us fuelled in the long run and keeps us going. They say the tough get going when the going gets tough. We have looked to each other in times of challenge, and it has helped us understand that our experience, courage to break away from convention and try out novel ideas has not only helped us evolve into better thinkers and doers, but also egged us on try and do more each time.

Every member of our team is fired with enthusiasm, and our genial work culture is the exact opposite of red-tape overkill. The good things just can’t be kept from working, with us!

Our Processes

We use methods that we conceived in minutes or improvised over time. We have never been averse to trying out something new, and more importantly, we have been ready to purge something that no longer worked and move on to better things. The openness wears well in a highly dynamic industry like Digital Marketing.

Our resources are employed as needed and we spare no effort in fine-tuning processes once we are sure that something would provide useful solutions that have been hitherto unavailable. We constantly monitor rankings, look for the best guest blogging opportunities and keep an eye out for search engine updates. We have been innovative in making our processes bring in the maximum results for us, as opposed working hard and long at a task.

We rely on some smart methods and intuitively formulated steps that help us around roadblocks, harness our resources better, and in the end, no single step bogs us down, as we are constantly ready to tap the world of possibilities and alternatives that allow us to achieve better results in smarter ways. Research is an ongoing process with us.


We are young people who have grown with the internet side by side. While other people were learning to use e-mail and blog, we saw that there was greater potential in there, waiting to be tapped. When we came together with this idea, search engine optimization was still nascent and we have seen how it changed in little ways and big, over the years. Our understanding of the importance of Quality Content, gives us an innate confidence and gumption of how search engines work.